• Assembly

    We deliver assemblies ready for installation. All types of assemblies, from the simplest to the most complex. We assure quality for their direct incorporation into the assembly line.

    We offer both, manufacturing and component supply management for assemblies and sub-assemblies, with the traceability required assured by our Quality System.

    Module mechanical assembling is the KEY business of SNT SUPPLY GROUP. China has many factories making single craft or simple component, but seldom has capability for Module assembling since Module mechanical assembling request :

    • Strong capability on drawing analysis and optimizing
    • Sophisticated knowledge and experience on various crafts and know how
    • Excellent management at cost control and QC control

    For the time being, we are applying Module assembling for some international brands like APPLE, MINDRAY, COMEN, etc. And our assembling right now mainly for, but not limited to, below industries

    • Medical equipment industry
    • Telecom & information equipment

    Our precision sheet metal fabrication and custom machining capabilities feature the following CNC equipment:

  • Assembly service is the core of SNT

    SNT is a contract metal fabricating company and provide custom-built components,

    fabricated to your specifications that are an integral part of your product.