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    SNT, the rackmount and server chassis manufacturer in China, our talented engineer team is involved in the industrial rack-mount / storage chassis field with designing and manufacturing chassis for over 25 years. Our well-designed & well-made 4U rackmount server chassis are cost-effective computer chassis featuring a complete line of backplanes, power and storage device options. At SNT, you can find the one-stop solution of rackmount chassis, which offers customization service with excellent quality to help customers to be more competitive to get the projects and meet your needs, go for a WIN-WIN situation.
    If you want to seek a reliable server chassis manufacturer with strength OEM/ODM manufacturing capability in China, SNT is your best choice. Welcome to contact us to get the fully customized rackmount chassis solution now.

    4U Rackmount Server Chassis

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    • Fully utilized space to support 24 x 3.5" hot-swap HDDs
    • Support 12"X13" MB and below,
    • Support redundant power supply.
    • Modular backplne design for well inventory management
    • 7 full-high expansion slot

    Server Storage Chassis

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    High-end Aluminum Alloy Chassis

    • 4U Rackmount IPC Chassis / 19" Computer Case
    • Chassis Dimention: 424 *660 * 177 mm
    • CLM-938A: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX M/B
      CLM-938S: 14 Slots PCI/ISA Backplane
    • Power Supply: Single ATX/PS2 Power Supply or Mini-Redundant
    • Servers, VPN, DNS, Work-station, NAS ,and so on.

    IPC Chassis

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    • Material:1.2mm SGCC
    • Surface technics: painting
    • Color:white or black
    • Dimension:(mm)430x455x177
    • Carton:556mmx576mmx284mm
    • NW:11KG±0.5
    • GW:12.1KG±0.5

    OEM/ODM Chassis

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    • Material:1.2mm SGCC
    • Surface technics: painting
    • Color:white or black
    • Dimension:(mm)670x430x400.5
    • Carton:915mmx662mmx650mm
    • NW:29.1KG±0.5
    • GW:30.1KG±0.5

    2U Rackmount Chassis

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    2U Storage Server Chassis

    •   Support 6Gb/s SAS backplane
    •   8 x 3.5" HDD Bays
    • Intel approved server chassis
    • Better chassis for Security Appliance

    NAS Case

    Mini ITX Chassis

    • 4 byas NAS server chassis
    • Support MINI-ITX MB .
    • Support MINI ITX power supply.
    • 1 Half-height expansion slot

    Server Rack / Cabinet

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    Server Rack, Network Cabinet

    • Main Structure: Sheet Steel
    • Loading Weight: 1600 KGS up
    • Width: 600mm
      Depth: 600mm/700mm/800mm/900mm/1000mm
    • Height: 12u/ 16u/ 21u/ 23u/ 25u/ 30u/ 34u/ 36u/ 39u/ 43u/ 48u
    • Flat Packages

    Chassis with LCD

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    4U Rackmount Chassis with LCD display with 1024*768 resolution

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