• Supply CNC Machined Parts & Precision Machining Service

    by 5-axis CNC machine

    Compared with traditional CNC machined parts manufacturers, we provide you ASSEMBLING with advantages of:

    Reduce Tooling Cost | Get Fast Molds | Fast Molding Production | High Precision

    High-end DMG 5-Axis Turning and Mill-Turn Capabilities | SNT Precision Machining Manufacturer

    4-axis/5-axis large CNC precision machining services for aircraft, aerospace, OEM parts, medical and military applications.

    Capabilities include machining large precision parts including housings, turbines, discs, blade rings, compressor rings, large plates, and large coupler and suspension components up to 354 in. L x 80 in. W x 137.8 in. H sizes and dia. up to 98 in. with 0.001 in. tolerance.

    We supply mechanical parts and CNC is the key one for exporting.

    Our Service Highlights:

    • 10+ Years of Combined Machining Expertise
    • Comprehensive Machining Capabilities
    • High-end DMG 5-Axis Turning and Mill-Turn Capabilities
    • 3MM Inspection Machines

    For the time being, our CNC components are mainly for the below industries

    • Medical equipment parts

    • Telecom and information equipment parts

    • Industrial metal parts, mainly for electronic and electrical industry

    • Others like decoration, aerospace, defense, sports, etc

    And our partners include international brands like SEENDA, SONY, APPLE, etc.



    We are not only making metal parts and precision parts for you, we are making partnerships with you.

    Our CNC metal fabricating and machining services include the following:

    turning, milling, drilling, stamping, deep stamping, bending, punching, cutting, threading.

    Our secondary operations including Deburring, Drilling, Tapping, Sand Blasting, Anodizing, Hard Oxidation, Plating, Polishing, Grinding, Heat Treating, Salt Spray Testing, Painting, Powder Coating, Screen Printing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Spot Welding, Riveting, Sub-assembly and many more.