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    Precision medical sheet metal fabrication and Assembly service for MEDICAL DEVICES


    *** As a top manufacturer of precision medical parts, we provide a variety of machining and metal fabrication services to the medical industry including Laser cutting, metal punching, CNC machining, Die-casting and more. We have decades of experience manufacturing precision parts to deliver high-quality on-time.

    *** As a trusted partner to the medical industry, SNT delivers custom precision sheet metal fabrication products and assembly the full set of equipment to many types of medical devices,

    • The items we are assembling include many medical parts like Anesthesia, Ventilator, Carts, and various server and ICP chassis.

    • We have our own flow chat on Assembly of the whole device now

    We began to try OEM assembly the whole device from 2018 for some international brands owner, for example, MINDRAY, DY-MINAD, COMEN, GHT, SONY & SEENDA.

    Meanwhile, SNT can meet with the clients early in the product development and design phase to ensure cost-effective with high quality.

    Lastly, our engineering team understands the importance of the unique machining needs of the medical industry, which ultimately makes SNT the best option for all your medical fabrication and manufacturing needs.

    Welcome to contact us for the details of Assembly.

    SNT is ISO 13485:2016 certificated company