• China SNT - Our engineering team with proven experience, the most advanced technology and our R&D at your service.


    We are more than a supplier, in order to ensure maximum quality, we offer customized solutions, from the manufacturing of components that strictly comply with the specification, to the complete management of the most complex projects.
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  • Engineering​

    THE BEST SOLUTION WITH EACH PROJECT. Our team of engineers are dedicated, sophisticated to your project.

    At SNT, we take care of all of your part design issues and technical issue on your new product development.

    We offer engineering services in product definition, development engineering and manufacturing engineering. Our engineering team with proven experience, the most advanced technology and our R+D at your service. What we can

    • Making drawing analysis and improvement
    • Design the most proper tool for the object
    • Design the most proper MOLD for the object
    • Apply the best programming on CNC to get the most efficiency
    We design each project together with the Quality Department, defining its implementation phases

    The best solution for each project. 

    OEM / ODM Maunfacturing

      Reliable Industry Solutions 

      - Precision machining and assemblies for the most demanding industries:

      We also develop other specific processes, therefore offering global solutions to our customers.

      We machine and assemble repetitive, small and medium series for medical, aerospace, telecommunication, energy and defence sectors.

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      Secondary Service Support

        Additional Services

        We also develop other specific processes, therefore offering global solutions to our customers.

        • Threading
        • Reaming
        • Tapping
        • Deep Drilling
        • Facing
        • Counterboring
        • Silk print
        • barcoding
        • Welding
        • Assembly are at the core of what we do.

        Surface Treatment

          Other specific processes

          Surface treatment and painting count a very important weight on quality, especially for Sheet Metal and Die casting. Since most of the Sheet Metal parts are enclosure or cabinets and thus “Good Looking” is the KEY point on quality

          SNT SUPPLY GROUP is happy to be very strong on surface treatment and painting. Actually, we have a separated workshop only for Surface treatment and painting


          Our advantage is:

          *** We have a magnificent line which is a serial line with 260 hookers

          *** We have a government license on it and it is also accepted by APPLE

          *** We have normal chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, various polishing way, scraping and putting, just for different product effects and purpose

          *** Our painting line applies to not only Sheet Metal, CNC but also Die casting products. I need to address that Die casting products painting is pretty difficult in the painting industry but we solve it well.

          *** We can apply either powder painting or liquid painting and we just use good quality powder and liquid

          *** Our line is certificated by APPLE and we are supplying to APPLE cell phone showing stands.

          We deliver assemblies ready for installation.

          Mechanical Assembly

            Assembly is at the core of what we do.

            We deliver assemblies ready for installation. All types of assemblies, from the simplest to the most complex. We assure quality for their direct incorporation into the assembly line.

            We offer both, manufacturing and component supply management for assemblies and sub-assemblies, with the traceability required assured by our Quality System.

            Module mechanical assembling is the KEY business of SNT SUPPLY GROUP. China has many factories making single craft or simple component, but seldom has capability for Module assembling since Module mechanical assembling request :

            • Strong capability in drawing analysis and optimizing
            • Sophisticated knowledge and experience inn various crafts and know-how
            • Excellent management at cost control and QC control

            For the time being, we are applying Module assembling for some international brands like APPLE, MINDRAY, COMEN, etc. And our assembling right now mainly for, but not limited to, below industries

            • Medical equipment industry
            • Telecom & information equipment
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              We count on an experienced finishing section to satisfy the needs of our customers.

              Our know-how allows us to provide quality finishings to obtain a perfect result after surface treatment.

              • Micro-deburring and general deburring
              • Ultrasound cleaning and pressurized water cleaning
              • Shot blasting operations
            • Hello & Welcome to SNT!

              SNT is a contract metal fabricating company and provide custom-built components,

              fabricated to your specifications that are an integral part of your product.

            • OEM / ODM PROCESS

              How It Works



              Based on a sample, a drawing,or just an idea, our experienced sales team can initiate the project.



              Our engineer will evaluate & discuss your specifications and technical issues with your thoroughly.



              When the final drawing is approved, the quotation of the inquired item will be replied to ASAP.


              Production Preparation

              Once the quotation is accepted.


              Mass Production

              Your order will be produced on schedule and quality control.



              We'll deliver your goods within 20 business days. And we can ship worldwide to your designated port and cater to your packing demand. Ask us any questions!